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ACL500 Lockset

ACL500 Lockset.JPG

The Morgan ACL500 lockset includes the traditional standard sized lock body suitable for new installations or retro fit.  This lock body incorporates a simplified internal mechanism to ensure a smooth and light pressure operation by any new or existing accessible key.  Furthermore the key can be turned in either direction to withdraw the latch providing added assistance to less dexterous users.


Whilst other accessible locksets require handed furniture to be fitted the ACL500 lockset furniture is suitable for both right and left handed doors as standard.

Simply set the lever handle to the required position during installation for a quick and easy fit.

The lock is opened from the outside by any accessible key turned in either direction.

From the inside the lever handle is lifted up to lock the door.  This shows red on the external status indicator and prevents key operation from the outside although emergency access is

available via the coin slot release.

Pushing the internal lever handle down unlocks and opens the door for exit.

Once the door is closed again it will automatically lock.

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